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We are looking for a talented individual who wants to be a part of a great team and company.

Must be proficient in programming Java, C, Unix Shell Scripting, Microsoft Batch Commands, Perl and HTML. Must also be proficient in applications such as E-Mail clients, FTP clients, Web Browsers, Microsoft Word and Excel.

Responsibilities will include: Troubleshoot system and network problems, diagnose, and solve hardware/software faults; Training clients on-site or by telephone remote support; Printing Property Tax Lists; Installation of client software; Installation of server software and VMware;

Must be able to work independently and efficiently to meet multiple deadlines. Experience in Real Estate Appraisal or Tax Assessment is a plus.

Please send your resume to Bill@MicroSystems-NJ.com

MicroSystems-NJ.com, L.L.C.
985 Route 202-206, Bridgewater, NJ 08807
(908) 704-8862

Bill Raska, CTA

Mike Chin

Trevor McGhee

Christopher Raska

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